Monday, 25 July 2011

Everyday I'm Shuffling :|

I've been on the verge of a full-scale laughing fit all day. I'm not entirely sure why, but I'm guessing the self-inflicted sleep deprivation has something to do with it.

It began last night when, during an intimate moment with J, I called him Spock. It's not my fault. I blame it squarely on that single wayward eyebrow hair of his that caught my attention (and nearly took out my eye). "Spock" I struggled to say through peals of hysterical laughter, as fat jolly tears rolled down my face. The laughing fit was eventually stifled, along with the 'intimate moment' by the time I was done with tweaking his eyebrows and laughing anew...

And before it seems the whole purpose of this post is to poke fun at J and his eyebrows (they're really not abnormal at all, it was just ONE stray upward-curving hair that set the whole thing off...) I should probably get to the point.

Inappropriate laughing fits.

I'm not sure how common they are amidst the general population, but I have suffered from this affliction for as long as I can remember. And truely, it's no laughing matter, this sickness of the mind really has caused distress at times.

Like the time my sister and 15 year old niece arrived for an impromptu visit, and revealed that my niece was having a baby. I know they were expecting me to understand the predicament, as I too was once a teen mum. They were probably hoping for understanding, advice, or something half-way rational to come out of my mouth at least...

Instead, I gave a wee anxious giggle. Which erupted into a snort. Which was followed up by a full-scale laughing fit to such intensity that I was absolutely incapacitated. Unable to speak or even close my mouth to swallow back the drool. My family walked out of the house, and I could do nothing to stop them. They walked out, and didn't speak to me for six months.

Again, sleep deprivation was the root of my hysterical evil. But at the root of the sleep deprivation? Depression and escapism.

Fortunately, depression and escapism aren't an issue for me right now, I simply choose to stay up late because I'm working on website projects I never have an opportunity to catch up on through the day.

However, I should probably think about having an early night sometime soon. All afternoon I've been singing Everyday I'm Shuffling inside my head, and with it comes a mental image of Yours Truly breaking into a crazy dance in the middle of a serious or mundane situation (a parent/teacher interview, a supermarket checkout queue) and this in turn causes the bubble of insane mirth to rise in my throat once more...

Yes. Tonight would be a good night to get some sleep. Tomorrow is grocery shopping day.

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  1. Bahahaha! This is a GREAT write. I love getting into a laughing fit with a friend. Did you used to do it at school and get sent out of class? Some of my fondest educational memories ;)
    I was giggling (kind of horrifically) at the part where you had a laughing fit about your neice! Oh no!!! (but yes I understand). Fancy not speaking to you for 6 months!!