Saturday, 9 July 2011

The Homeless Guy

While in the city with friends today, The Teen spotted a homeless guy shivering against the cold. She casually stood by him for a while and tried to block the wind a little, and wondered whether to talk to him and what/if anything she could do to help. Buy him a burger? Call mum to drive in and drop off a blanket? In the end she fished around her bag for some change. She told us he was so amazingly thankful when she gave it to him; it was just a couple of spare dollars to her, but meant a meal for him.

The Teen now wants to make a load of sandwiches and drop them around to all the homeless people she can find in the city. This of course led to a discussion about safety and how just because a person is homeless, it doesn't make them harmless.

I'm not sure if I convinced her; she has a beautiful tendency to want to save people. Some kids tote home abandoned animals and ask if they can look after them... Char asks if we can let Molly from Ireland come over and live with us, because she has a horrible home life. Or Samantha who's miserable since moving to England. I'll let her have my bed and I'll sleep on the floor. Could she just come and live with us for a little while mum, please?

She may not be doing a food drop off any time soon, but she's gonna make a fantastic career out of helping those who need it some day.