Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Making the most of Global Warming's early days...

 Before it gets too hot to leave the fridge.

Impromptu trips to the beach when beautiful weather is least expected (and there's still enough petrol in the car) are always on the top of my Win My Heart Over Again For Suggesting It You Beautiful Man list. (Wait, I think I suggested this one...?)

Ignorant to the fact it's still technically winter and the west coast winds render the beach cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey, J chose not to bring a single article of warm clothing, and promptly froze his balls off as soon as we stepped foot on the sand. Right there on the edge of the world, it was cold. Really damn cold. 

That near-flawless blue sky was really misleading.

(Damn it. I meant to photoshop out that person in the background. How dare they be in my photo of awesome striding? D'oh!)

Immune to the temperature, the Lily Bug began splashing through the shallow stream that fed into the sea. We hurried her along, least she slip into her mermaid form before having the chance to play on the sand.

Guy Smiley just wanted to run. Run run run. He could see that empty lifeguard tower waving it's flag at him like a matador to a bull, and he wanted to charge. So he did. As fast as his chubby little legs could carry him.

Fortunately his ever-protective little big sister was keeping a close eye (cause mum was too busy snapping pics and dad was recreating the Great Pyramid of Giza.)

"Come back! Come back!" she cried, but the little gingerbread man just kept on running.

You're fighting a losing battle Lily Bug. We may as well race out to the lifeguard tower and chase each other around and around until we collapse on the sand in exhaustion.

Around and around and around... collapse.

Sufficiently in touch with nature and frozen to the bone, it was time to head home and cross fingers that the long windy windy windy road wouldn't lull everyone in the car off to sleep.

Oh, and of course, this time that gentle little stream was far too inviting for the Lily Bug to ignore. Instead she just ignored our cries of "Stop! You're getting soaked! It's time to go! Noo....."

In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.  ~Albert Camus

(Linking up with the Summer Photo Challenge.
Because here in NZ, it's kinda almost summer. Kinda.)


  1. Thank you so much for sharing these pics. They're absolutely lovely. I just love the joy on your children's faces! And is that sand I see around your little one's mouth? They're so curious, aren't they?
    Thanks so much for joining Alicia and me again in the Crazy Days of Summer Photo Challenge. You won’t want to miss the giveaway extravaganza we have planned for next week’s Sweet Summer Finale. Photography and scrap booking goodies galore! Just share your favorite summer pics. That’s it!

  2. What a beautiful collection of photos. LOVE those beach shots against the blue sky. Good for you for making the most of a nice day, even if it isn't summer temps. Thanks for joining the Crazy Days of Summer!

  3. Adorable photographs and what a beautiful part of NZ you live!