Tuesday, 16 August 2011

My Other Car Is A Horse.

Snow is all the rage at the moment, although despite claims of it falling in our Auckland suburb, we were merely treated to a small bombardment of mini-hailstones that melted as soon as we tried to grasp them between numb fingers.

The Lily Bug shot outside to catch the hail, but caught more in her wildly unkempt gossamer hair than she did in her cherub palms. But for a moment it was the most exciting thing in the whole wide world ever. Like, even more exciting than blue food colouring in the bath or a super-massive bowl of dishwater bubbles to smear all over the furniture. Then she went to the freezer and chucked a few ice cubes in a cup. Same thing as hail anyway. Kinda.

As if to prove yesterday's arctic weather was all a strange dream, the sun elbowed away the clouds for a wee while this afternoon in a gallant effort to remind us Spring's not too far away. All those flowers I struggled to grow in the garden that J struggled to dig, might bloom again soon. Though, given the mess of weeds out there, there's probably a higher chance of snow in Auckland or Hell freezing over. (Which is pretty much the same thing by the way.)

Those heavy black storm clouds framed the horizon as we left Kindy today, yet somehow by the time we reached our street they had fled, tumbling right off the edge of the world. Blue sky and sunlight had taken their place. How completely unexpected. And halfway down our street, right at the fence line of their paddock, were the horses that mum so often promises (inside her head) she'll take the kids to visit some day soon. You know, some day soon when we're not in a hurry to go elsewhere. When the kids aren't half-asleep in their car seats. When it's not raining.

Today we had time on our side, the kids were wide awake and ready for new adventures, and the sun had kicked those storm clouds to the curb.

It's about time Guy Smiley gets up close and personal with the animals he's always neighing to in his picture books. And the Lily Bug was so brave, going right up to them and giving them pats, when it doesn't seem so long ago she was so very timid and clingy and nervous of everything that existed beyond our doorstep.

The horse was nibbling playfully at Indie's hair. Well, I'm assuming it was nibbling playfully. Though, 'deranged with hunger' is another possibility that now comes to mind...


  1. Ah, what sweet photos of the kids petting the horse!

  2. Haha - wonderful pic of that horse! :-)

  3. This just cracked me up! I'm still smiling. The last picture of the horse possibly eating your little guy is priceless. I love your writing style. Keep typing away!