Sunday, 7 August 2011

Wordless Sunday: A Childhood Memory Revisited

I realise the idea is meant to be 'wordless', but I have to explain. I just have to...

When I think of childhood memories (the happy kind) the first thing that springs to mind is Whangamata. My mum and dad had a piece of land down there, and that's where some of my most cherished childhood memories were spent.

Another childhood memory is that of horses. I was horse crazy. My mother alleges that they had to stop the car every time we drove past a horse, so I could get out and give it a pat. One time, they came across a drover on horseback, and asked if they could get a photo of me sitting on his horse. I was about two and a half, and the photo is one shown below (I'm sitting astride a cream horse).

I couldn't get the family to Whangamata this week, much as that would have been awesome, nor was I in the mood to visit any of the horses down the road, in today's bleak weather. But I've been scanning childhood photos and collecting vintagey papers & embellishments for an upcoming scrapbook project, and today seemed just the right kind of day to splay them all out...

And then there was the Mess picnic at Long Bay, and my huge (or so it seemed when I was 3) blue elephant which used to take me on magical journeys upon its back. Until my mother gave it to my nephews, and they trashed it. *sigh*

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  1. I love this!!! Oh I wish I could find the time to put something like that together.

    Haha I totally had an image of you driving to Whangamata in order to get a magical photograph and stopping to jump a fence and leap atop a horse along the way! Cool giant elephant - was that in place of a horse? ;-)

  2. I wish I could find the time too! Lovely post :)

  3. Good call Renee, I would totally do that! Well, maybe in summer... (I did used to pretend the elephant was my horse too haha)

    I didn't really have much in the way of time going for me either - just scattered everything on the kitchen floor while Guy Smiley rattled at the barrier demanding to be allowed in - & hoped it'd all work out...

    Thanks for your comments :)