Saturday, 24 September 2011

{be strong} Believe

Sometimes I think of random little things I want to tell the Teen, but for whatever reason at the time, I can't say them. It may be that we've had a deep and meaningful late night conversation about Life, the Universe and Everything, and then after she's gone to bed the conversation has carried on in my head and I've thought "must tell her that one tomorrow!" However these Notes To Self are always forgotten, as before too long the moment passes and attempts to recreate the mindset that led to that particular reflection or anecdote or little snippet of wisdom results in brain freeze. 
Once the moment's gone, it's gone baby.

Every now and then I jot these snippets down, and promptly lose them. Eventually they're found, tucked between the pages of a book, slipped between books on a shelf... And then I think, "I'm going to make a special website, just for the kids. One filled with all the little bits and bobs I've written for them over the years." I'm not sure why, entirely. Okay, maybe that's a lie. Maybe it's because I have a bit of a morbid outlook on life, and I feel I need something to leave them. (You know, other than books and cats) Some piece of me that'll be there even if I'm not.

It's not that I expect to be going some place any time soon, in fact I have every intention of living forever. But every so often I find myself thinking "if I were to die tomorrow, how would I be able to continue to be there for my kids?" (That there sounds like the opening line of a life insurance ad. Actually, I'm pretty sure it IS the opening line of a life insurance ad.) After all, there's always that chance that I may one day chose the wrong time to step outside, and be flattened by a falling grand piano. You just never know... 

So, I guess that's partly why I'm so addicted to scrapbooking. Therein lies the legacy of my thoughts and anecdotes and general brain farts which the kids will one day be lugged with. Along with a large collection of books and cats.


  1. A book of special thoughts is a cool idea! Go for it! (And always look up when walking out the door - you never know when someone is throwing a grand piano out the second story window. ;-) )

  2. Thank goodness it's not just me..the brain freeze phenomena is so annoying & I really should learn (like making myself get a trolley at the supermarket & not just a basket). Even when I write notes I look at them later & they just don't quite have the same resonance..def moment gone! The only time it works is with those classic lines out of say Lewis " Is that a smirk Hathaway?""No Maam, just the unfortunate shape of my face!" My blogs are my scrapbooks now..leaving the essence & the recipes so that maybe my flavour & passions might be useful to a grand daughter or a niece finding her way in the world one day. Love Catherine x

  3. Thanks kendylsPlace, actually I'll keep that in mind about second story windows - there I was thinking a piano could drop straight from the clouds, now I have to watch out for tall buildings too! :D
    Catherine - I too am a dope at filling a basket with a trolley's worth of groceries. Urgh and it's then that I usually find the checkouts have queues that stretch for miles... Love that quote btw!