Saturday, 18 February 2012

Finding My Wonderwoman Alter-Ego

I doodled a series of stick figure pictures the other night, when I was waiting for a turn on the computer. I had been wondering how I'd ever get time to finish the various graphic & website projects I've simultaneously begun, in the variable time between getting fractious children to bed, and one of them waking up again (thus causing me to fall asleep along side him/her, for the rest of the night.)

This one's dedicated to any parent who's ever found it difficult to have quality time for themselves:

Now it's time to go. As I sit here wasting time on the computer, I'm missing out on serious quality time with the kids, quality time with the dishes waiting in the sink (still), the vacuuming, the large pile of 'too much stuff' to sort through in the bedrooms, the pantry that needs cleaning out (don't get me started on the fridge), the sprawling train tracks waiting to be rebuilt across the lounge floor (after the vacuuming), the batch of playdough waiting to be made, the overgrown lawn....

I'd like to have a Wonder Woman alter-ego to deal with the majority of this (or a paid cleaner, or a Really Helpful Teen as opposed to Really Apathetic), but who am I kidding? This is all just Normal Every Day Woman stuff. Suck it up Callie!


  1. This is exactly how it is in my house too. Love the cartoon.

  2. Great cartoon indeed Callie : ) I'm kind of wondering if there'll ever be enough time, which is not the best of news. I seem to live in a perpetual state of muddle & nearly done. Possibly not helped by my short attention span & butterfly approach...a little bit of this & a little bit of that. One hopeful turn up for the books though is the 22 year old returned to live at home & is happy to carry heavy things around for me (yes happy) like crates of fruit & stuff & is enjoying cooking & learning about cooking (even eats healthy things), does dishes, but dear oh dear the boy room smell & bomb site decorator style needs a tad of work still!! x0x0x

    1. Hey I'm in that same state of muddle and nearly done too! And 'A little bit of this and a little bit of that' is pretty much how I get through every task I take on board. Be it graphic design projects, or housework. Which is one reason as to why it takes so so long for anything to get finished...

      Would you like to swap your helpful 22 year old boy with a 16 year old girl who rolls her eyes and grunts at the unfairness of the world when asked to do the dishes? Sounds like a fair trade to me.... :P

  3. you crack me up! you have described my home to the T