Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Rumours of my alien abduction have been greatly exaggerated.

 I went willingly.

But the anal probe was an optional extra. ;)

I moved my domain name off this blog and onto my own hosting space the other week, but somewhere upon the lines, my attempt to put a different domain name in its place failed. For a few days there, this blog drifted helplessly through cyberspace, closer and closer to the deep dark black hole of Total Oblivion until... Well, until I tried setting up a different sub-domain name, and now I'm back. I'm back, and the rumours about table dancing on board that alien spaceship were true. They were all true. And I regret nothing. (Although I'm not sure how I'm going to explain the green-skinned lizard tongued baby to the Lad.)

The problem is, I'm not sure that this rearrangement of URLS (I'm now located at has broken my site for either those that follow it, or the kiwiwmummyblog directory it's linked at, so if you (you who? Anyone will do!) happen to be reading this, whoever you are, and you've come across this ramble via Kiwi Mummy Blogs or your RSS feed or whatever... Can you please please pretty please no I'm not begging of course not but maybe I am... Leave a comment?

A simple "hello" or "shut up you stupid plonker" will do! But better yet, because sharing is caring and all... Maybe you could comment by telling me something? Something about yourself? Yes, that's a good idea!

Tell me one thing about yourself that no one else in cyberspace knows.

Because in space, nobody can hear you scream.

Oh, and if you can tell me where that quote came from, I'll give you a cookie! (A special triple-choc candy coated internet cookie - yum!)

Sunday, 15 April 2012

I think... I think my blog is moving...

I have not had much time to blog these days. In fact, I have barely blogged since January when I began creating graphics in exchange for the cash that funds our additional groceries (you know, the additional groceries we need by the weekend, after we've already spent our budget on the week's first wave of groceries, followed closely by 'money the teen needs for stuff like the school bus' and 'petrol to raise the gauge to empty').

And it sucks. It sucks because there is many a time when I want to blog, but I also need to finish a graphic job I've been commissioned to do. So when I weigh up financial gain against prosical soul purging (prosical? I made up that word. I couldn't think of the right word.) ... well... financial gain tends to win time and time again.

By the way - and this is completely off topic from my original topic - but no one even tried to guess what the fecal-looking matter was that was photographed upon a piece of toast in my last post. I am so so sad about that. That photo was my ultimate April Fools prank (April Fools day is 365 days a year in our household).  And I thought an open-ended question upon the lines of "guess what the poo-looking stuff on my toast is!" would generate feedback of some kind... :P

I did wonder if I'd offended people with my take on, eh, photographic art. But then I realised, Silly Callie. The scant few who read this blog never even saw the photo - they stopped reading when the opening paragraph suggested chilli sausage and labour would not make for a very ladylike combination!

Tree gum.

It was knobbly brown tree gum photographed on top of that piece of toast. We discovered it when geo-caching with friends at a nearby reserve. The Lily Bug ran towards me screaming "hold this poo mum!" and I nearly died. After finally being convinced it was tree gum, I collected up as much as I could find, to use in pranks on the family members. I'm incredibly mature like that.

 This photo contains no fecal matter at all. Though with a stormwater pipe running directly into Narrow Neck beach, I cannot offer a guarantee.

Anyway, back to the original point of this long-winded post...

While in the process of setting up my Infinite Monkey Design website, I've realised that rather than register yet another domain name (I have three already. Greedy pig I am.) it would make more sense to shift off and on to my own webhost, which will revert this blog back to being Unless I can redirect the subdomain to my blogspot url.

Whichever option I go with in the next few days, I'm not sure if this blog's rss feed will become broken once the URLs change. So the gist of this ramble is, if you never have an update from me ever again, my switching about has likely disabled my rss feed, in which case please go directly to (or

Because... Seriously... Oh invisible and most likely non-existent readers... You don't want to miss out on my next blog post that's all written up and ready to post. 

It's all about perenial tears.

I've never had one, just for the record. But my next blog post is going to be all about them and you don't want to miss something like that, right?