Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Rumours of my alien abduction have been greatly exaggerated.

 I went willingly.

But the anal probe was an optional extra. ;)

I moved my domain name off this blog and onto my own hosting space the other week, but somewhere upon the lines, my attempt to put a different domain name in its place failed. For a few days there, this blog drifted helplessly through cyberspace, closer and closer to the deep dark black hole of Total Oblivion until... Well, until I tried setting up a different sub-domain name, and now I'm back. I'm back, and the rumours about table dancing on board that alien spaceship were true. They were all true. And I regret nothing. (Although I'm not sure how I'm going to explain the green-skinned lizard tongued baby to the Lad.)

The problem is, I'm not sure that this rearrangement of URLS (I'm now located at has broken my site for either those that follow it, or the kiwiwmummyblog directory it's linked at, so if you (you who? Anyone will do!) happen to be reading this, whoever you are, and you've come across this ramble via Kiwi Mummy Blogs or your RSS feed or whatever... Can you please please pretty please no I'm not begging of course not but maybe I am... Leave a comment?

A simple "hello" or "shut up you stupid plonker" will do! But better yet, because sharing is caring and all... Maybe you could comment by telling me something? Something about yourself? Yes, that's a good idea!

Tell me one thing about yourself that no one else in cyberspace knows.

Because in space, nobody can hear you scream.

Oh, and if you can tell me where that quote came from, I'll give you a cookie! (A special triple-choc candy coated internet cookie - yum!)


  1. Helloooo...can you hear me???? Luckily I don't actually like candy but I do like you so...YAY you made it back!! I feel like I've just walked in to the middle of an episode of "whose line is it anyway?" & everyone else is way smarter than me but hey at least I am an ANYONE. I, of course arrived here sorry not telling, but I did receive your message loud & clear. Sorry, not good on sci-fi the boys here will probably know when I ask : 0 ) No one knows that (cyberspacingly) that I am going menopausally mental just now & I am NOT sure that I AM actually going to make it, but I am holding on by well, not fingernails nor all my strength...where are all the warm, kindly, wise woman who know what to do & what to say & hug real good??? So glad you made it back. Much love Catherine x0x0x

    1. Aw Catherine, I've had your comment in my thoughts for days, trying to think each time I'm at the computer of how I can formulate the words that are in my head but elude me each time I try to write them!

      I dread the time when I go menopausally mental, because between recalling my mum as she went through it (burying herself in layers of alcohol in the process) and knowing my own hormonal PMT I'll-rip-off-your-head-and-shit-down-your-neck shittiness is a bad enough experience for anyone...

      Warm kindly wise woman who know just what to do and what to say are few and far between. Some of us can go our entire lives without coming across a single one. But from the warm gimpses I've seen of your persona on your blog, I'm deep down sure YOU are among the wisest woman I know of. You'll keep yourself soldering on because you find beauty in so many of the things that the rest of us fail to notice, and when you share these findings, you bring a slice of light into the lives of those around you. So yes, YOU are the warm wise woman, and you'll pull through.

      Just... Don't expect to have any fingernails to show for it afterwards. ;)

  2. Reading you loud and clear... :-) No one knows about me that it is my wedding anniversary on Sunday and I brought my husband a card with a cartoon man and woman holding ski's... and they're naked and the cartoon willy makes me giggle. Love reading your blog by the way - you are very witty. :-)


      Sorry about all that yelling. Faaar too much coffee today.

      That sounds exactly like the card I would buy! :P I don't remember to give cards that often, but when I do I have this "thing" about using the completely incorrectly themed card for the occasion. I like to give 21st cards on 13th birthdays and Valentine's Day cards at Christmas. You know that kind of thing? I also like to switch numbers on birthday cakes. This year, The Lad celebrated his 73rd. According to his cake anyway...

      Anyway, I'm not sure if you'll get a reply notification but... Hope you're having a fantastic anniversary day! :)