Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Blue Sky Winter

How is the weather for everyone this morning? 

What a beautiful crisp clear and oh-so-cold winter morning here in AK!! Cloudless blue sky... Warm croissants and hot coffee for breakfast... Thank goodness our bakery had them in stock this morning! $1.50 for a super-massive sticky sweet croissant - can't think of anything better.

Gonna make the most of it before the grey gloom settles back in - no working on graphics while the monkeys turn the lounge into a military-grade obstacle course today - it's picnic at the park day!

Now I'm off to pick up the Lily Bug from her first day of 'morning kindy' (yes, she's moved to the big little kids  session at last!)  and it's off to the park we go!

Water bottle - check.
More croissants - check.
Fruit - check.

And off we go!

Hope everyone else out there is having as beautiful a day as this. :)


  1. Thank goodness you've posted again AND I actually saw this one!! How the heck do posts slide on by incognito?? So annoying!! Fortunately, I was thinking of you today & truly was going to email you as I really had wanted to reply to your last comment at my place & you know how it is hadn't actually done it!! What fantastic messy chaos you make & allow & participate in...looks like idyllic childhood stuff to me. I was never very good at idea why. David (youngest) used to hop in the sink with the dishes (all the while he could fit) & had a ball does that count?! Love your blue sky...that always helps & a good croissant of course. Yuk, don't like stuck inside or colds both give me the collywobbles & a headache. Hope the Lad is back safe & sound. See you again soon. Love Catherine x0x

    1. Awww Catherine, you are seriously the sweetest! :)

      Sorry bout that whole post sliding by thing... In truth I uploaded them yesterday along with this current one, but post-dated them. Reason being, I had them both written last week and so on, but had meant to come back and post when I found accompanying photos, and then forgot all about them...

      The messy chaos is awesome fun (just wait til tonight's post about yesterday's antics. I said "no muddy puddles today!" and THAT one went to hell in a handbasket!). You know though, there's one thing in particular I've always wish I could provide for my kids and that's a beautiful outdoor environment for them here at home - rambling gardens with winding paths and an outdoor playhouse tucked away amid it all... Like something magical out of Secret Garden. Unfortunately we have lots of mushy lawn, and the only rambling garden is a small scrap that isn't even worth mentioning. :/

      I don't know how idyllic this messy play really is though - I never seem to blog much about the grumpy mum days and all the boring bits where I resort all-too-frequently to letting the kids watch or play games on because they're bored bored bored of the same old same old or mum's too busy trying to finish someone's logo to play. :/

      By the way, hopping in the sink and having a ball sounds awesome fun! From what I've read, your son is pretty awesome and THAT can only be because you gave him an awesome upbringing. It doesn't matter if you can't actually get down and play with the kids - I'm no good at that, I jsut think of things to do and give encouragement from behind a camera lens! As long as they're happy doing whatever they're doing, and they know they're loved and listened to, that's what counts right?

    2. Hey... I just realised I wrote a reply that was longer than my original blog post. That's crazy even by my standards! :X