Thursday, 21 June 2012

Things a small child probably doesn't need to know

There's really only so much a four year old needs to know. And in our family we often tend to answer our little ones questions far too readily, and without always stopping to think about the appropriateness of the originally overheard converstation that prompted them to make enquiries in the first place.

Take this snippet from tonight for example:

THE LAD: Yeah! I can get suicide bombers for my game now!
THE LILY BUG: What's suicide bombers?
ME: No....
THE LAD: They're people with explosives strapped to them -
ME: Nooo...
THE LILY BUG: What's explosives?
THE LAD: It's -
ME: Jarrod! No!
THE LAD: It's, uh... licorice.

Fortunately the Lily Bug was spared from nightmares involving suicide bombers tonight. Instead she may dream of a Willy Wonka type land involving licorice straps as personal clothing items.

Hmm. I'm not actually sure which might incur the greater nightmare.

I'm not entirely certain if it's nature or nurture, but sometimes our lovely kids come up with some strange stuff, right on their own accord and without any prompting from us at all. 

Take this snippet of crazy for example: The other morning I woke to the Lily Bug standing beside the bed, growling beneath her breath while wearing this mask (painted by Guy Smiley the night before).

I won't lie - I nearly shat a hole in the mattress. 

On a brighter and completely unrelated note, here's a wee gem that sprouted from a different conversation a couple of nights ago.

ME: You kids are geniuses.
THE LILY BUG: Wow! Really!!!
(I'm surprised at her excitement, and wonder how she knows what a genius even is. Until she turns to her brother and yells...)
THE LILY BUG: Guess what!?!? Mum said we're GENIES!!

Okay, but one last thing: Because I seem to love peppering my blog with post-dated entries like a wee treasure hunt of where the end result isn't treasure, but just a few more minutes of a reader's life wasted on my inane ramblings, here's another.

My question to the blogiverse is: What kind of cute/quirky/outright crazy stuff have your kids come out with? Come on, sharing is caring!


  1. Ok, so I'm the dill...I did realize that you had retarded post dates on your other posts after I published my last comment! Love, love, love it! Can I be a genie too?! Funny, it keeps popping in to my mind just lately...David a toddler (just turned 23 last week!) came in to find me...having wandered off around the side of the house..sob, sob..."Daddy say to you David...bugger, off!" Rob was painting & evidently not keen on help at the time! And, cleaning out the "memory box" the other day...why do we keep some of that crap...a note written by Matthew (probably 8 or so) "David is a baby from $39.95" Have a good week..yum licorice x0x0x

    1. Catherine, I started writing a reply to your comment the day you left it, and then my comment took shape into what I thought may as well become a whole new blog post (inspired by your remark about a memory box!), and then that post couldn't be posted without accompanying photos, and THEN it was discovered that the computer is just not paying any notice of the camera's memory card whatsoever... Argh!!! I
      've just had a thought - the Teen's laptop might have a little memory card slot for it so I'll wait til she comes home and give it a shot. (If I try to look in her room for the laptop, something green and smelly will surely arise from amid the chaos and eat me alive). And THEN I will make that Catherine-inspired blog entry!!!!