Sunday, 8 July 2012

Then in one of those Nek Minnit moments...

Try as I might to find the kids a playground where they won't - for once - find a swimming pool of mud to wallow in, they will sniff one out

And as much as I sometimes protest to begin with (citing 'nice clean clothes' and 'nice clean car' as reasons for staying, well, nice and clean for a change) I always have the camera out ready and waiting to capture all the I-want-to-remember-these-moments-forever shots.

Photos taken 13 June 2012.

I protest, but I don't mind at all really.

And the kids don't really mind when I have to peel off their clothes before allowing them in the car because silly mum has forgotten to bring a spare change of clothing. And towels. And travel soap. And a camping shower. It's all part of the adventure that is 'going to the park'.

In fact, sometimes we don't even make it to the park. Sometimes if I'm super lucky, the kids manage to get completely covered in muck along that stretch of lawn between house and car.

This isn't the set of photos I've been looking for, where the Lily Bug and Guy Smiley made a mudslide out of a tyre track on our lawn while I was still inside trying to find the car key so we could go out. Those pics are trapped on a camera memory card that won't work. Instead, these are from the Lily Bug's playdate last week.


  1. Hahaha good luck with the car interior ;)

    1. I've since put a stash of clean old towels and a spare change of clothes in the boot. It would however be handy to have a solar shower or an inflatable bath tub!

  2. I reckon! Fantastic shots! Love the Lily Bugs hat. Glad you got the people mover transport sussed...phew! Hope it never comes to the cardboard box..I hear they're fairly draughty (how on earth do you spell that then?) I see sunshine above & BLUE sky...that's gotta be a good thing. Have a fun week puddling in the mud.. 'til next time..over & out.