Sunday, 5 August 2012

Oh no! Timmy's down the well!

The kids had a friend over today and they spent much of it busy playing and ignoring me completely (except for when I was required to mop tears or wipe mud from feet). Initially, I had this plan to spend my day "getting stuff done". But short of having the assistance of Rumpelstiltskin, it is pointless - POINTLESS - to try and get anything done when there is not two by three little whirlwinds in the house. A play date gives children the perfect excuse to thrash the house in ways they'd never think to do on their own.

Scenario 1 - the muchkins, bored despite a house full of toys.
The Lily Bug: "Hey, should we tip out every single toy box we own, and toilet paper the walls?"
Guy Smiley: "Monster trucks!"
The Lily Bug: *tips out one box. Is bored by lack of accomplice, gives up.*

Scenario 2 - the munchkins + friend, bored despite a house full of toys.
The Lily Bug: "Hey, should we knock down the precarious leaning tower of toy boxes in the wardrobe, scatter the contents all over the bed and then bounce on them until we hear cheap plastic snap beneath our feet?"
The Friend: "Yeah! Then we can take half of them outside and dig a hole and bury them - along with as much stuff from the cutlery draw that we can carry!"
The Lily Bug: "Yeah!"
 Guy Smiley: "Yeah! MONSTER TRUCKS!"
*Cue wanton destruction*

It usually takes a few weeks to locate the last missing monster truck, and I'm still missing teaspoons.
No doubt the lawn mower will find those...

Don't get me wrong. I love it when the kids can busy themselves all day by dreaming up creative new ways to use toys as stepping stones in order to cross the great lake of lava that is the entire floor surface of the house. Even if it means I have to spend the next week approaching very short men and offering my first born if they'll help tidy up the aftermath.
And I never really meant to imply I intended to waste my day on housework. Pfft! Who wants to waste precious time doing that?

An adaption of the Laundry Tornado.

This morning - while the munchkins were watching Sunday morning kids telly - I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to finally catch up on my favourite blogs. This is what I decided as soon as I woke, because at night I'm always elbow-deep in graphic design or Wordpress customisation and I never ever ever seem to get my head away from Photoshop layers or div layers. And you know, sometimes I just want to see what Catherine's been up to.

So, with the Lily Bug snug under a blanket and glued to the Wild Thornberries and Guy Smiley busy driving his monster trucks across a line up of Hot Wheels cars, I thought I could safely blog hop for a little while (while trying to figure out what's gone wrong with a Wordpress plugin in a separate window) without interruption.

And then, I walked away for a moment to make a coffee. Dumb mistake. Guy Smiley noticed the whirling thumping hum of our computer (I think that fan is going to #!!$% itself soon) and I returned to find my seat had been taken by a little boy who was suddenly extremely fascinated by Catherine's apples. (Wow, that sounds way ruder than it was mean to.) It then took five times longer to finish reading her two latest blog entries because Mr Two Year Old keeps wanting me to scroll back up so he could count the blumin' apples. Seriously, if I was in the kitchen he'd have no interest in what I was doing at all! Typical.

By the way, Catherine's apples are not apples at all, but White Sapote. I'd never heard of White Sapote before this morning, or Earth Gems for that matter (thanks Catherine for always teaching me something new!) but I'm curious now. I wonder if these could be found at the local Farmers Market? Though, the chance of me being organised enough in the morning to make it to a Farmers Market is slightly less than the chance of waking up to find fairies have made a wee house in our garden...

But you know...You never know. ;)

In other news, we've had winter bugs run rampant through the house for the last fortnight... (I now have a mental image of little scarf-clad bugs, tearing through the house like something the Cat would pull out of his Hat. Judging by the state of our house, I'd say that was entirely possible ;))

Anyway, here's an collection of the last fortnight's antics (you know, when we weren't at home being unwell - possibly due to too much running around wet playgrounds in the winter)

Look! I even managed to get a pic of the Teen in here! Not that I took it myself, no she usually hides her face behind her hair and grumbles about how she's having a bad face day whenever I wave the camera in her direction.

We have some lovely little reserves and playgrounds in our neighbourhood, and just the other day we discovered a new bushwalk. Okay, not new, but new for us anyway. We had no idea where this track was going to lead us, and then it opened out onto our road! Sheesh. I've lived on this street 12 or so years, and never even noticed this particular slice of native bush. You know, despite the "Manutewhau Walk" sign and wooden walkway leading into it...

Did their eyes light up when they discovered the track had turned to mud!
A couple of weeks earlier, a friend showed us another nature reserve, tucked away down an Avondale side-street where I would never have thought to ever find a forest. Waterfall and all.

Seriously, people who think Auckland is all about traffic congestion, arsehole Maserati-driving JAFAs & high-density housing, just really need to get out of the house more.

That narrow concrete thingie that the kids were walking across wasn't as dangerously scary as it looked. Honest. It was only a small drop onto lots of soft nature-stuff. And there was an adult standing 6 or 7 metres away, waiting to catch a falling child with her go-go-gadget extendable arms.

 Okay, it's late evening now, and I began writing this at about 10am this morning. In between popping away to sort out children's arguments ("she pushed me" "he smacked me in the head with a car"), sorting through the last months worth of photos & trying to make some kind of half-arse dent in housework, I've completely managed to ignore the small backlog of website/design jobs and uncleared emails that I'm usually stressing and panicking over. But I have managed to spend a reasonable amount of time enjoying the laughter of Guy Smiley as he chased after Lily Bug and Friend with a hose, and rambling in my blog for the pure sake of it. And sometimes I really really need to do that more than anything. It's like brain food.

My only worry now - other than whether or not the kids current game of swan diving from chairs onto a pile of beanbags and blankets is going to at some point require medical care - is what to name today's blog entry.



  1. Oh Callie, you are so good for always make me laugh..well out loud loudly really!! I'll remember next time not to sit down with a coffee just before I visit you..might save cleaning the computer screen. What a hoot old GS & the "apples"! Actually, last year I discovered the earth gems in Count Down & so did Matt down on the Kapiti Coast so should you ever go to one CD that is, ask there...worth a try. Better still send me your address sometime & I'll post you some. They're fun. Love your long lost walk ways!! Wish I could pop in there.. looks nice gloopy mud & waterfall & all. Just wondering...did you ever do anything with your naturopathy stuff? I've just been looking at the Bach Flowers again recently..& working with a bit of homeopathy & reading a really interesting book called "Impossible Cure" written by a woman whose son was cured of autism..great read. Found it in the library then decided to buy it. Wow The Book Depository is good..discovered it recently (well a while back) I think that book was $23 with free postage & all. Hope the bugs have well & truly left. Catch up again soon. Catherine x0x0x

    1. Sorry 'bout that dear! :P Awesome I'll have a looksie next time I'm in Countdown, otherwise I may take you up on that offer - thanks! :)

      That waterfall did look lovely - especially to be found in the midst of suburban AK! I can't wait to go back in summer, the waterhole it drops into will look sooo inviting. I'm just not sure it'll be suitable for swimming in unfortunately... :/

      My memories of naturopathy are pretty hazy now. I studied for two years when the Teen was a pre-schooler, and had a million hopes and dreams for my future career, but despite really enjoying it, I packed it in in favour of working part time in a paint & panel garage (car sander) and doing a Business Admin course!
      I really enjoyed Bach Flowers though and found them quite effective on numerous occasions. I never bought the kit but found a Health Food shop that would mix together whatever concoctions I'd ask for, for about $10 a bottle. I don't know of any place around here that does that now. Seems I can only ever find Rescue Remedy!
      The book sounds interesting! We have a great bookstore in Onehunga called the Hard to Find Book Shop. Haven't been in there for years (too far away) but I remember it being something like the bookshop out of Never-ending Story. It's where I bought my old old copy of the Materia Medica of Homeopathy for $25 as opposed to about $80. It's still sitting around in a bookshelf... No idea what to do with it... Hey, do you want it??? Actually, I have a couple of books I can think of that you might like! One is The Secret Life of Nature by Peter Tompkins and there's another... oh, it's completely skipped my mind. It's a book by a woman back in the early 19th century (I think. Or earlier?) and has water-colour illustrations of plants and flowers with medicinal uses and whatnot... I can't remember. It's packed away in a box. You'd know it if you saw it I'm sure...

  2. Ahhh - winter bugs, we're onto our third round of bugs here :-(. Poor little moppets!

    Thank you for popping into my blog and your encouraging words - I look forward to her turning 3.5 ;-)! She isn't all bad though, I hope I didn't paint a totally negative picture for those who have never met her! She is very sweet, gentle, kind and generous (to name a few things)!

    Love your writing - you had me laughing also (albeit rather quietly as to not wake to kiddo's, who for a change have gone to sleep at the same time - wahoo)!

    To Find A Silver Lining

    1. Isn't it fantastic when you can get them both to sleep at the same time? There are still times when, if I notice my monkeys looking sleepy-eyed on the way home from somewhere, I'll drive around the block a couple of times to see if they might drift off to sleep so I can park the car around the back of the house (prior to winter, when the lawn is a mush pit) and have a little bit of time all to my self (to catch up on graphic jobs). BUT they always always wake just as I'm pulling in the drive, or opening the car door! D'oh!!

      I don't think you painted a totally negative picture - I think you were just doing what all mums do at times (well, many I'm sure, myself included) and feeling overwhelmed and full of self-doubt at a time when your little one's probably going through a stage of trying to push boundries and whatnot. It' a hard thing to write out, but the fact that you did is a great thing I think, because many parts of it made me think "oh yes I've worried about/experienced that before" and it's reassuring really. :)

  3. I remember visiting a few good parks up in Auckland. Cornwall was always a favorite but I was sad to see the old train tunnel gone from the playground. Love the way you deliver your stories with humor :)

    1. I LOVED Cornwall when the Teen was a toddler/preschooler! Not the playground so much as it was ALWAYS full of kids, but traversing around volcano itself. I lived down the road from there at that time, so we used to frequently go to the crater and chase sheep.

      The last time I went, I took the Lily Bug and Guy Smiley, and lost one, and then the other (for less than a minute, but it felt like a heart-stopping forever!)

  4. Thanks for popping by my blog
    Always nice to have new faces and visitors
    And from your photos I'd guess we live relatively close by - I'll be on the look out for the mud drenched pre schooler and the Mama with awesomely blue hair xxx

    1. Unfortunately my most distinguishing feature has washed out, so look out for the damaged-from-too-much-bleach-blonde! If there's more than one in the area, I will certainly be the only one in the mud-caked Doc boots. ;)

  5. Awesome story, awesome pictures. Love it!

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