Thursday, 13 September 2012

Sometimes the strangest seeming things are perfectly normal after all.

The problem with buying your children toothbrushes styled like racing cars, is that they will at some point - when you're peeling kumara and your back is turned - start pushing them across the kitchen floor while making broom broom noises.

This is the highlight of my SAHM day.

Do you want to know the highlight of yesterday?

Taking Guy Smiley to his Plunket appointment, only to find the building had moved. 

As in, the entire building had been shifted. 




It's not the kind of thing you normally expect. Unless you share the same father as Willy Wonka. In which case, it would be quite ordinary to find a building had lifted itself by the seat of its pants to an entirely new location, just on the fly like that.

 In my universe however, building don't move about. So I drove up and down the street two or three times, squinting at the bare sections where the Plunket building and several other properties used to be, thinking I was somehow somehow missing it. Like maybe it had just shrunk or something. Really really small.

Then I went home and rang them, and learned the Plunket clinic had relocated. And no one had told me. And I had been on time for once too, which was a massive exercise in time management for me.

And that is my tale for today. My children are crowing like roosters while

two days later to add: I completely forgot to finish that sentence. ^^)


  1. I am not lost...just slightly dis-located. Be in touch very soon ; )
    You sure you weren't wandering a round Christchurch? X

    1. Funny you say that because I did have Christchurch in mind as I was writing that, and feeling a bit guilty about my claim that 'buildings don't move about'.

      And - d'oh! - I just noticed I completely COMPLETELY forgot to finish the closing sentence in that post!

  2. Hahaha - yep, kids huh!

    My highlights are about as good as yours... today's highlight? Lydia waking up this morning singing and not screaming! Lowlight - Lydia screaming herself to sleep his afternoon - *sign*! You can't win everything I guess!

    1. Aaargh! Win some, lose some! :/ It's like one step forward, five steps back with kids some days... :P