Wednesday, 2 January 2013

New Years Day 2012

When the Teen was little, we would sometimes sit outside blowing wish bubbles. Sometimes we'd make a wish for ourselves within the bubbles, sometimes we'd wish on behalf of our friends, and sometimes we'd really push bubble magic by wishing for the world as a whole. 

Fast forward to New Years Day 2012. All the elements came together this day. The Lad managed to swing the day off work, the weather was postcard perfect, Cheltenham beach was - surprisingly - not tooo packed, and the bubbles were flowing.... 

The Lily Bug revealed her wish to me as she stood at the water's edge.

To blow a really big bubble.  

And shortly after - she did. 

The girl is now a believer in the power of bubble magic. ;)

End note: This is a post dated entry. It's currently 3rd March 2013 as I write this and being that I've been completely slack about blogging this year, I figure I'll make up for lost time by uploading some of my fav pics from Jan & Feb with 'a few' accompanying sentences...