Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Bolt huh? Should've called her Cujo.

Meet our new puppy Bolt. We've discussed bringing a puppy into our family for a long time now, though normally in a "one day when the cats all die of old age" kind of way. However this three month old SPCA girl had been giving us please-take-me-home eyes at Animates for weeks now. Six weeks! Poor thing.

Oh, these photos are completely misleading. Look at her - all lovely and innocent and butter-won't-melt-in-her-mouth. And she is. Until she sees a child or a cat, and then she turns into a rabid psychopath.
 Honestly. I mean, I love her, but she's all teeth and claws and TEETH! and what the hell was going on when I decided we needed a pup?!?!  
The kids have become eternal targets of her desire to chase anything that moves. Hell, they don't have to be moving. They only have to look at her and she throws herself on them in a fury of teeth and claws and snarls. And not in a 'puppy just wants to play' manner! We're talking nasty gashes and deep puncture wounds. My daydreams of a cute puppy playing nicely alongside the kids is cracking here!

 But we made our dog bed, and now it's time to pee in it. I'm sure the kids will eventually be able to climb down from the top of the furniture, and I'm sure our cat Pookie will eventually stop hiding in the wardrobe. It's just gonna take some patience, perseverance, and FML.