The Blogger - Mother of 3. Hasn't slept since the 90's, and really rather haggard these days. All self-inflicted of course. I could just go to bed right now, but I'm having some 'me time' damn it! Enjoys taking lots of photos. Of the kids and the cats and burnt dinners and stuff. Loses keys and eftpos cards all the time. Slave to one or two cats *looks shifty eyed*

The Lad (ie, The Other Half) - This man is uber-tolerant to what his family often put him through. He'll come home from a long day of work to be thrown into the turmoil of our household in the evening (the over-tired grisley children, their I'm-over-this-shit mum, the Teen sitting at the computer ignoring it all, the toys forming a series of booby-traps all over the floor... You get the drift, right?) and he'll take it all in his stride. He'll counter every claim of "you must wish you're back at work?" with "not at all. I'm glad to be home" every time. Wait. I'm actually beginning to wonder if the real J has become replaced by a shape-changing robot of the future, sent back in time to infiltrate - No, I've just been watching too much of the Sarah Conner Chronicles.
The Teen - I'm inclined to think being a teenager is a transitional mental illness more than an indicator of years lived to date. Although often moody and aloof, she's a bit of an old soul - underneath that sometimes-angst and somewhat-still-very-naive teenage exterior. I'm confident she was born to save the world.  It's a long road, but she'll get there in the end. :)

 The Lily Bug - My mother tells me she's a lot like I was when I was her age. Though she also adds, "before you turned into a little shit." She's chirpy and energetic, stroppy and at times very anxious. She loves to throw her arms around each of us in turn and claim "you're my very beeeest friend *insert name of person here*!" 

She has also warned me that I'm going to be eaten by a dinosaur one day. So I'm guessing she's either a little bit psychic or a whole load of nuts.

Guy Smiley - The cruisy toddler. He's super-affectionate and  pretty much as laid-back as you can get. I can envision he'll own a surfboard in the future and talk about being at one with the universe and the ocean and the earth and the unicorns...

30.05.14 update: The following waffle was an 'about' on my blog name which has recently changed. I'm still leaving this here until I either reclaim the domain or get a new one.

Why 'Infinite Monkey'? 
The infinite monkey theorem states that a monkey hitting keys at random on a typewriter keyboard for an infinite amount of time will almost surely type a given text, such as the complete works of William Shakespeare.

Thus my theory is that if I sit here bashing away at the keyboard long enough, I may eventually write something that at least makes sense. Eventually... Right?

Why agdf'? 

Like I said, random keys...